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2011 Water and Sanitation Sector Week

The 2011 Water and Sanitation Sector Week was held in Santiago de Chile between April 11 and April 15. The objective was to strengthen the technical knowledge and capabilities of Bank staff, sector authorities and managers of water utilities, through the exchange of experiences, technologies, policies and technical solutions in different areas.

Topics presented and discussed were: i) good practices of commercial management in water and sanitation companies; ii) climate change and adaptation of water resource management as related to glaciers; iii) sustainability of interventions in rural systems; iv) use of condominium sewerage systems in peri-urban areas; v) planning and regulation for water and sanitation companies regarding natural disasters, and; vi) good practices of asset management.

A total of 130 people from the IDB, governments of member countries and water and sanitation utilities from Latin-America has attended to the event. More information about the agenda, presentations and supplementary material can be accessed at



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