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Water and Sanitation

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Water and Sanitation Initiative

At the Inter-American Development Bank we are convinced that countries in Latin America and the Caribbean can close the coverage gap in water and sanitation services in the near future.

To reach that goal, the Water and Sanitation Initiative offers a new set of tools and flexible financing. Launched in 2007, the initiative has developed strategic guidelines, specific targets and special financial products to support solutions tailored to each country’s needs.

Between 2007 and 2011 the initiative has emphasized four programs: 100 Cities Program, Water for 3,000 Rural Communities, Water Defenders and Efficient and Transparent Utilities. Watch the video (only available in spanish).

Initiative Programs


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Lord Norman Foster Water Everlasting? How Can You Print a Building? How Can We Give People Clean Water? Tackling

    Lord Norman Foster

    Reknown architect Lord Norman Foster addresses how to tackle the infrastructucture challenges of the developing world.
  • Lord Norman Foster (03:00) Video Icon
  • Loading

    Water Everlasting?

    Decades of humanitarian efforts, a massive earthquake, a country on a perpetual search for clean water. What will it take to get it right in Haiti?
  • Water Everlasting? (1:48) Video Icon
  • Loading

    How Can You Print a Building?

    Enrico Dini, inventor of 3-D printing, was one of the guest speakers at Demand #Solutions, an IDB sponsored event highlighting ideas for a better quality of life.
  • How Can You Print a Building? (22:52) Video Icon
  • Loading

    How Can We Give People Clean Water?

    Dean Kamen, inventor of the slingshot water purification system, was one of the featured speakers at Demand #Solutions, an IDB-sponsored event highlighting ideas to improve the quality of life.
  • How Can We Give People Clean Water? (37:00) Video Icon
  • Loading

    Tackling "Big Foot"

    How does the IDB help Guyana to tackle elephantiasis and other untreated water-related diseases
  • Tackling "Big Foot" (00:06:49) Video Icon

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