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Spanish Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation in Latin America and the Caribbean

Water and Sanitation Initiative

What is the Water and Sanitation Spanish Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean?

It is a special grant fund created by the government of Spain to help countries in Latin America and the Caribbean expand water and sanitation services and support their efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals for the sector.

What is the IDB's role?

The government of Spain has partnered with the IDB to facilitate project identification and preparation, supervise project execution and evaluate each project's results. This partnership capitalizes on the IDB's presence in every country in the region and on the knowledge of the IDB's sector specialists in its country offices, as well as on its extensive portfolio of water and sanitation projects, and its rigorous system for project evaluation and quality control.


Who is eligible to apply for grants?

Any member country of the Ibero-American Community of Nations, as well as Haiti, may apply for grants from the Water and Sanitation Spanish Cooperation Fund. National, regional and local government entities are eligible, as are companies, cooperatives and other types of entities that provide public water and sanitation services.

What kinds of activities are eligible for grants?

The Fund can provide grants for projects related to drinking water, sewage systems, wastewater treatment, urban rainwater drainage systems, water resources management, solid waste management (when it contributes to the sustainability of water and sanitation infrastructure), and efficiency and operations management.
Grants can be used for project preparation, strengthening of government entities and service providers, training and research. They can also be used to finance expansion and rehabilitation of services, and for wastewater treatment.

How do I apply?

The application form is available on the websites of the Spanish Cooperation Agency for International Development (AECID) and its country offices, as well as on the IDB's Water and Sanitation website. For more information about the Fund, please go to the FAQ section or email or


Spanish Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund

    Spanish Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund

    Spain and the IDB join forces to reach the Millenium Development Goals in this sector.
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