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Spanish Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation in Latin America and the Caribbean


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Regional Trust Fund Appointee for support and Coordination to FECASALC in Madrid RG-W1235 N/A Mar 13, 2017
Regional Trust Fund Appointee to Support FECASALC's Coordination in Washington RG-W1236 N/A Mar 13, 2017
Nicaragua Drinking Water Project in the City of Bilwi (Puerto Cabezas) NI-G1002 N/A Dec 16, 2014
Regional Technical and Operational Support to FECASALC in Madrid RG-W1045 N/A Jul 2, 2014
Regional TFA for Technical and Operational Support for FECASALC in Haiti RG-W1032 N/A Apr 22, 2014
Regional TFA for technical and operational support to FECASALC in Haiti RG-W1033 N/A Apr 22, 2014
Regional TFA Appointee for Support to the Coordination of FECASALC in Washington RG-W1029 N/A Mar 26, 2014
Regional TFA for Technical & Operational Support FECASALC in Madrid RG-W1030 N/A Mar 26, 2014
Regional Operational Support for the Spanish Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation RG-W1020 N/A Jan 28, 2014
Panama Rural and Indigenous Water and Sanitation Program in Panama PN-G1003 N/A Jul 11, 2012
Bolivia Water and Sanitation for Small Localities and Rural Communities BO-G1002 BO-L1065 Oct 19, 2011
Paraguay Sanitation and Water Supply for the Chaco and Intermediate Cities Program PR-G1001 PR-L1060 Oct 3, 2011
Uruguay Adaptation Plan of IWRM for Climate Change in Uruguay UR-T1076 N/A Aug 12, 2011
Honduras Rural Potable Water Program HO-X1017 N/A Aug 2, 2011
Haiti Emergency Response for the Containment of Cholera HA-G1021 N/A Dec 15, 2010
Costa Rica Water and Sanitation Program CR-X1009 CR-L1024 Dec 14, 2010
Paraguay Water and Sanitation Program for Rural and Indigenous Communities (PAySRI) PR-X1003 PR-L1022 Nov 24, 2010
Dominican Republic Potable Water and Sanitation Investment Program DR-X1005 DR-L1041 Oct 27, 2010
Ecuador Infrastructure Water and Sanitation Rural Program (PIRSA) EC-X1006 EC-L1043 Sep 8, 2010
El Salvador Rural Water and Sanitation Program ES-X1002 ES-L1046 Aug 3, 2010


Spanish Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund

    Spanish Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund

    Spain and the IDB join forces to reach the Millenium Development Goals in this sector.
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