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IWRM Strategy for Costa Rica

Since 2003 the Bank has been supporting, with INWAP financing, the Costa Rican government in the development of an integrated plan to achieve rationality and sustainability goals in managing the water resources of the country. A two step approach was followed with respect to IWRM planning: first the policy and strategy and then the plan. An important point of the Costa Rica IWRM strategy is that of considering water resources planning as a means rather than as an end in itself. Care was taken to stress how water resources management would contribute to socioeconomic goals, as stated in the National Development Plan.
The preparation of the strategy coincided with a period during which extensive and intensive discussions for drafting of the new water legislation took place. It was thus possible to interact with legislators and make valuable suggestions and contributions to the process. The development of the strategy also served to set up methodologies for making present and future water demand estimates and monthly supply and demand water budgets on a river basin basis.

The strategy, along with the policy guidelines developed, are the basis for the IWRM Plan, which is the operation (ATN/WP-9338-CR) currently being executed by the Bank and financed by INWAP in Costa Rica.

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