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Energy Efficiency for Utilities

Evaluation of Water Pumping Systems. A series of manuals and tools for Water and Sanitation Utilities.

Through their energy efficiency program for water utilities the Water and Sanitation Division and the Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Unit have developed an evaluation methodology for water pumping systems. It comprises a series of manuals and electronic tools that guide users in performing detailed energy and maintenance audits in order to: 

  • identify typical energy saving measures in pumping systems
  • calculate energy savings and estimate required investment and payback
  • implement best practices in maintenance of water pumping systems
  • identify weaknesses and errors in maintenance practices
  • economic evaluation and optimization

In applying the methodology described in the manuals and tools, it is expected that the user can:

  • develop an action plan to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs such as:
  • a simple energy balance
  • a proposal of energy saving measures appropriate for their utility
  • an investment plan
  • define a comprehensive maintenance plan comprising the following elements:
  • an equipment inventory
  • a definition of activities, procedures and frequency of execution
  • a work program

After applying the methodology, the before and after energy balance is calculated showing the potential energy savings achievable if the proposed measures are implemented.


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