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Case Studies

Water and Sanitation Initiative

Costa Rica faced the dilemma of prioritizing its economic development or its environmental sustainability. With IDB help, Costa Rica's government has been able to put in practice a water management policy that has allowed this country to continue developing without affecting its most valuable resource: water. See Full Version (only available in Spanish)
At the beginning of the 1990s, the Medellin River was highly polluted. With IDB help, the city has significantly reduced the river's pollution level and thus improved the quality of life of the more than 3 million people who live in this metropolitan area. See Full Version (only available in Spanish)
Montevideo put in practice an Urban Sanitation Plan (PSU) that has significantly reduced its bay pollution and has transformed Montevideo in the only capital city that has environmentally certified its most popular beaches. See Full Version (only available in Spanish)
The situation in Manaus' Igarapes was critical. Since 2006, with IDB help, the state government has been implementing a sanitation and urban renewal strategy that has yielded very positive results for the city. See Full Version (only available in Spanish)
In Montero, a small city in northern Bolivia, the creativity shown by the water company, which proposed to develop a health insurance attached to the water tariff, significantly improved the quality of life of Montero's residents. See Full Version (only available in Spanish)
In Puerto Cortés, Honduras, the crisis caused by Hurricane Gert was an opportunity for its mayor to begin a structural reform of the city's water and sanitation system that would eventually lead to its decentralization. See Full Version (only available in Spanish)
In 1999, the Mexican Government implemented, with IDB support, the Program for the Sustainability of Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Rural Communities (PROSSAPYS) to address these services’ shortcomings by using an innovative approach that encourages community participation to operate and maintain the systems, thus contributing to their sustainability. See Full Version (only available in Spanish)



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