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A Rating System for Water and Sanitation Service Providers

The IDB in cooperation with the IWA is developing a rating system that assesses the performance of water and sanitation service providers in a comprehensive way. Apart from an overall rating of the provider, the system will offer detailed assessments of the various rating areas (access to services, quality of services, operational efficiency, planning & investment efficiency, management efficiency, financial sustainability, environmental sustainability, and corporate governance & accountability), an assessment of the reliability of the information provided, as well as recommendations to improve management practices.

The expected benefits of the system are manifold:

  • Service providers
    • Obtain an external and credible performance rating – which contributes to foster the overall reputation and the acceptance by key stakeholders, gain access to new markets and finance, attract qualified staff, etc.
    • Identify areas of improvement and receive recommendations.
    • Get access to a knowledge and assessment framework that fosters continuous learning.
  • Governments, regulators and development agencies
    • Can use the system to stimulate providers to maintain or improve their performance and to target technical assistance, incentives and finance according to performance.
  • Consumers
    • Obtain better services in terms of quality, efficiency, sustainability and transparency.

The project team is currently working on the detailed design of the system. It is foreseen to have the pilot system in Spanish ready by the first quarter of 2012. After the field test of the pilot system and the corresponding adjustments, the system shall be ready for implementation – starting in Latin America – by the first quarter of 2013. For more information here.

AquaRating participates in the Marseille 6th World Water Forum

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