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Funding innovative solutions in water and sanitation

What is the AquaFund?

The AquaFund provides grants that contribute to the achievement of the water-related Millennium Development Goals and the targets established under the IDB’s Water and Sanitation Initiative.

What are the priorities of the AquaFund?

The AquaFund facilitates investment in water supply and sanitation, water resources management, solid waste management, and wastewater treatment. It contributes to make these services sustainable and accessible to the poor. 

The fund also assists IDB client countries in coping with the emerging challenges of climate change, the rapid degradation of freshwater ecosystems, and mounting water insecurity.

What kinds of activities are eligible for AquaFund grants?

AquaFund resources can be used for technical assistance, policy and capacity development, knowledge creation and dissemination, project preparation and community pilot projects.

Who is eligible to receive AquaFund grants?

National, sub-national, and local government entities, water and sanitation service providers (public, private, mixed-capital, cooperatives), and academic and research institutions are eligible. NGOs may be eligible at the request of governments. All grant recipients must operate in Latin America or the Caribbean.

Who supports AquaFund?

AquaFund collaborates with many of the most distinctive organizations in the sector and receives funding from various international donors. IDB is the largest AquaFund donor followed by the Swiss Cooperation (represented by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs - SECO and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation - SDC), the PepsiCo Foundation, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

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