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Access to Water and Sanitation for all and the Right to Water

As part of the regional process of the Americas towards the VI World Water Forum, the IDB and UN-HABITAT invite all interested parties in the Americas to contribute to this dialogue.

Universal access to water and sanitation is a challenge that the world as a whole and the American Region in particular have been trying to overcome for the last three decades. Results, especially in the Latin American and Caribbean region, are far from being successful. This reality, within the framework of the recently approved Declaration of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation made at the United Nations General Assembly and its subsequent ratification by the United Nations Council for Human Rights cannot continue being the subject of debates, on the contrary, it demands imminent actions and solutions from States, citizens and service providers, working all together.

Although the document we are presenting here, recognizes the efforts made by all of the countries in the region during the last decade to reach the Millennium Development Goals for Water and Sanitation by the year 2015, it is important to note that these goals not only felt short, but also are far from the criteria set out in the Declaration of Drinking Water and Sanitation as a Human Right. Consequently, this document identifies the need for actions which must be more structured, coherent and appropriate for the fulfillment of this Right.

Bearing this in mind, we share this document with the intent of collecting comments and input from all interest parties regarding the analysis presented here and the proposals to address the challenge of providing universal access to water and sanitation. The subject matter of this document has been discussed at the Seventh Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management D-7 held in Medellin in November 2011; and will be part of discussions during the VI World Water Forum to be held in March 2012 in Marseilles, France, and the United Nations Rio+20 conference on Sustainable Development  to be held in Rio de Janeiro in June of 2012.

The Regional Policy Dialogue of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) , and the UN-HABITAT Program of Water and Sanitation for Cities in Latin America and the Caribbean  invite you to send comments and inputs to:

María del Rosario Navia - IDB

Roman Gomez – UN Habitat

Maureen Ballestero – GWP

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