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Areas of Action

Urban Infrastructure and Services


  • Half of households lack indoor toilets connected to the sanitary sewage
  • Two third of households do not have internet access
  • One fifth of households live without waste collection services
  • One third of households live in informal neighborhoods with deficient basic services or in areas of high disaster risk
  • Mobility issues affect the poorest households, who tend to live in the least accessible areas

Lines of action

  • Improving informal neighborhoods, especially in areas where poor households are concentrated in large and medium-sized cities; and
  • Expanding the coverage, resilience, and quality of urban infrastructure and services in poor formal neighborhoods


  • Supporting programs to upgrade informal neighborhoods, with urban plans that promote density, landholding regularization programs, investments in infrastructure and social services, and situational prevention of violence;
  • Promoting comprehensive investments to expand basic and community services, mass public transportation, parks, and public spaces in poor formal neighborhoods. These activities will foster private-sector contributions to reducing infrastructure and service gaps, through regulatory incentives and PPPs.


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