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Areas of Action

Urban Habitat


  • Measurements of air, water and urban soil pollution show a serious degradation of the urban habitat, compounded by visual contamination and lack of maintenance of public spaces
  • Urban heritage is also neglected. Less than half of the region´s historical heritage sites declared by the UNESCO have mechanisms to preserve their value
  • Cities are exposed to the risk of serious disasters. Caribbean cities are especially vulnerable to rising sea levels and hurricanes.
  • Insecurity and crime are a serious threat to the urban habitat. Nine of the ten cities with the highest homicide rate are in LAC.
  • Cities are becoming less dense in LAC. The area occupied by cities is expanding faster than its urban population. This generates an unsustainable pattern of land occupation.

Lines of action

  • Revitalizing degraded areas
  • Preserving the historical heritage of the cities
  • Reducing disaster risk, enhancing the capacity of cities to adapt to climate change, and protecting the most vulnerable residents from its adverse impacts


  • Rehabilitating and recovering underused public spaces and urban areas of historical heritage, while maintaining sociocultural diversity, and adopting participatory, sustainable management structures;
  • Promoting environmental conservation, the management of urban natural resources, and adaptation to climate change, while protecting the most vulnerable residents. Incentives will be sought for private sector participation in the recovery of urban areas.


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