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Areas of Action



  • Since 2000, the percentage of households with access to housing has increased. However, the number of households with housing deficit problems has increased in absolute numbers.
  • 40 million households are subject to a qualitative deficit, suffering from overcrowding, and lack of basic services or secure tenure of their homes.
  • 13 million households are subject to a quantitative deficit, either because they live in a makeshift household or because they share it with another household.
  • One third of the deficit households belong to the poorest quintile
  • The informality of home tenure is greater among households headed by women
  • Nearly half of the housing deficit is related to high cost of homes and lack of access to finances
  • The mortgage market is underdeveloped, associated to a high degree of economic informality

Lines of action

The lines include promoting and expanding:

  • Access to public and private financing for housing services for the poorest populations
  • Thehousing services offering.


  • Targeting the housing service needs of the two poorest quintiles, with a supply that includes new, improved, and progressive housing
  • Supporting the supply of rental housing, making the incentives involved in this type of housing equivalent to those of owned housing; balancing the rights and obligations of owners, and offering guarantees for private investment in rental housing;
  • Promoting housing programs adapted to local bioclimatic conditions that increase the density of already urbanized areas and help reduce the urban carbon footprint. These activities will address the characteristics and needs of the beneficiary population, and will strengthen the public and private institutions involved in the delivery of housing services


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