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The potential of the Pacific Alliance highlighted in Tokyo

The event, held in the headquarters of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Tokyo, highlighted the common goals among the countries of the Pacific Alliance such as economic cooperation; liberalization of trade in goods and services; the generation of employment and new business opportunities; improving their production standards; and the creation of MILA as Latin America's largest stock market, among others.

Feb 1, 2016.

Pacific Alliance Members meet in Lima

Representatives of the Public and Private Sector of the four member countries of the Pacific Alliance met in Lima, Peru on January 14 in order to discuss progress and proposals on financial integration established in the Declaration of Paracas from July 2015.

Jan 29, 2016.

The IDB Helps Promote Trade and Investment at Davos

During the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, held January 20 to 23, in Davos, Switzerland, the E15 Initiative launched their Policy Options Report. The Report identifies the most pertinent issues facing the global trade and investment system today.

Jan 27, 2016.

Border’s Challenges, development opportunities in Colombia

Government officials at the national and regional level, private sector, international experts and specialists from the IDB participated in the events. More than 500 people attended the forums and issues such as the backlog in infrastructure, contraband, informality and the abandonment of the State towards border regions were discussed.

Jan 27, 2016.

The Global BPO Sector Launch in Haiti

As the only tri-lingual location, the Haitian BPO sector is in a unique position to seamlessly service clients across USA, Canada and Europe in French, English and Spanish. This coupled with the availability of scalable workforce and low costs make Haiti one of the most attractive emerging BPO destinations that global investors. The sector is expected to create as much as 5,000 jobs in total over the next three to four years.

Jan 14, 2016.

How to connect SMEs with global markets?

Framed in a Symposium on Trade and Development during the 10th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Nairobi Trade and Business Forum (NTBF) provided a platform for meeting and participation closer between companies and policy makers. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) participated launching his successful ConnectAmericas initiative, the first social network of the Americas business.

Dec 16, 2015.

The IDB trains more than 5,300 officials

By the end of 2015, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), through its Capacity Building Program on Integration and Trade, had trained more than 5,300 officials in its efforts to disseminate integration knowledge in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dec 15, 2015.

Narrowing the Borders: Trade Facilitation in Latin America and the Caribbean

¨Narrowing the Borders: Trade Facilitation in Latin America and the Caribbean¨ to be held at the IDB headquarters on December 7 will bring together representatives from international organizations, governments, and the private sector to discuss the impacts of recent trade facilitation initiatives in LAC, as well as key policy priorities of this important agenda. In the context of this meeting, the Integration and Trade Sector (INT) of the IDB will present a series of innovative databases and analysis (including firm level data), to evaluate the effects of trade facilitation programs such as the use of risk management systems, expedited transit regimes, single windows, authorized economic operators, and simplified postal export schemes in various LAC countries. These studies will provide a first look into next year INT’s flagship report on trade facilitation “Out of the Border Labyrinth”.

Dec 11, 2015.

Americas Business Dialogue Business Leaders

The participants discussed the opportunities and challenges faced by the private sector and analyzed those sectors of mutual interest in order to dynamize trade and deepen integration.

Nov 25, 2015.

What are the business opportunities between Korea and LAC?

The Business Forum built upon the successful exchange of experiences that took place during the Knowledge Sharing Forum on Development Experiences: Comparative Experiences of Korea and LAC, which was held in March 2015 in Busan, Korea alongside the IDB-IIC 2015 Annual Meeting.

Nov 25, 2015.

The IDB Launches in Ecuador

Around 400 small and medium Ecuadorian businessmen and entrepreneurs participated today in an event that introduced, the first social network for businesses in the Americas.

Nov 20, 2015.

The Pacific Alliance promotes Entrepreneurship and Innovation

80 export businesses, 35 buyers from the Pacific Alliance member countries and buyers from observer countries such as the United States and Israel, participated at the event along with 14 Venture Capital Funds and Investors. Also present were startups, funds, international organizations, banking sector, universities, chambers and business associations.

Oct 29, 2015.



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