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Inclusive connectivity for development. Joint research on universal broadband access.

Broadband access and usage already contribute to economic growth and the provision of basic services including health and education in many developing countries and are sought by the remainder. Among the challenges facedby developing countriesattempting to provide nationwide coverage of broadband programs is a shortage of essential knowledge, proven strategies and effective policies.

Countries to serve as benchmarks and others for study have been identified through ADB-IDB joint research. Among the elements considered are: stocktaking of national broadband policies and universal service programs; comparisons of policies, laws, regulations and technology options; financial modalities for developing and implementing universal broadband coverage; and specific recommendations based on comparative analysis.

Preliminary findings of the joint ADB-IDB research on universal broadband connectivity was presented at the ICT for Development Forum 2013 (agenda) held at ADB February 28 – March 1, 2013 and at a May 2013 regional event held by the IDB in Bolivia (agenda), and the final report is forthcoming. 

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