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Fostering sustainable tourism across Latin America and the Caribbean

The IDB is a strategic partner of Latin America and the Caribbean for the development of sustainable tourism through financial and technical support. The Bank supports projects that help improve the quality of life of the poor while ensuring the preservation of the environment and the social and cultural values of the communities. Our projects help our member countries offer more competitive tourism products in international markets.

Our four main areas of action support activities linked to tourism for poverty alleviationtourism and conservation managementgovernance, and innovation.

Areas of Action

By the numbers


International tourism receipts in Latin America and the Caribbean have jumped over 50 percent in the past decade. More>>

News and Views

Tourism projects in Latin America and the Caribbean

Successful IDB tourism projects in Latin America and the Caribbean: Prodetur in Brazil; Chiloé and Palena in Chile; and Maya Biosphere Reserve.

Aug 18, 2011.

Projects Highlights

Chiloé, Tradition Restored How Cancun Was Born The Tequila Trail Safe by the Coast Protecting the Reserve

    Chiloé, Tradition Restored

    In Chile the recovery of Chiloé churches’ architectural splendor hopes to boost tourism in the region and renew the local pride in its cultural heritage.
  • Chiloé, Tradition Restored (4:03) Video Icon
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    How Cancun Was Born

    Participation of the IDB inthe creation of one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico.
  • How Cancun Was Born (2:21) Video Icon
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    The Tequila Trail

    A sustainable tourism initiative attracts new visitors to the Mexican state of Jalisco
  • The Tequila Trail (3:45) Video Icon
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    Safe by the Coast

    Barbados expands its beaches and constructs a new boardwalk to protect its coasts and promote tourism
  • Safe by the Coast (4:09) Video Icon
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    Protecting the Reserve

    Guatemala makes strides in protecting the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Central America’s largest protected area, through green economic activities and low-impact ecotourism.
  • Protecting the Reserve (3:13) Video Icon

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Adela Moreda
Tourism Sr. Specialist

Mercedes Velasco,
Tourism Sr. Associate

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