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At some point, all families are confronted with hardships that can adversely affect their income, productive capacity, assets, or even their quality of life. Unemployment, sickness, natural disasters and violence are a few examples. The question is, if such hardships materialize, how much impact will they have on people and their families?

The answer depends on the family’s ability to reduce the likelihood potential impact and the potential impact of such occurances; and if something does happen in spite of this advance preparation, to minimize any negative consequences for the family. Having sufficient assets such as an adequate education, good health, savings, and insurance, among other things, puts families in a position to deal with hardships quickly and with less financial burden, as well.

Through its Division of Social Protection and Health, the IDB has teamed up with the countries of the region to strengthen social protection programs and policies, thus strengthening families’ ability to respond to hardships and promoting greater equality. Strategically, our main priorities are Early Childhood Development, Youth at Risk and Poverty Alleviation.


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