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Are you a Controlling or Permissive parent? It Depends on Your Environment

In unequal environments, more educated parents are more anxious and tend to take their children to activities that boost their opportunities.

Jun 23, 2016.

Panamanian Children with Instructions Manual

How an instructions manual can help parents in Panama?

Jun 20, 2016.

How do You Know if a preschool is Good Enough for my Child?

Nutrition and Interactions between caregivers and children are essential factors.

Jun 17, 2016.

Are Poor Parents, Worse Parents?

People in low income classes have less resources, but not only economic resources, but also emotional and cognitive resources. How does it influence the way they raise their children?

Jun 17, 2016.

New MOOC for Free by the IDB: Effective Policies on Child Development

This free MOOC will teach you tools to provide better services of early childhood development.

Jun 13, 2016.

6 recommended articles on early childhood development

Our expert thinks these articles on ECD could be very useful. Do you have any other recommendation?

Jun 6, 2016.

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