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The Five Most Read Articles of The First Five Years

Read the five most read articles of our early childhood development blog at the IADB.

Feb 21, 2017.

More Adverse Conditions, Less Neural Connections in Children

Neural connections during the first three years of life are essential for the development of all human beings.

Feb 15, 2017.

Adversity Causes Less Neural Conections on Children's Brains

The first three years go by fast, but are the only window to strength brain development.

Feb 10, 2017.

New Opportunity to Learn about effective Policies of Early Childhood Development

Get registered in this MOOC about Effective Policies of Early Childhood Development.

Feb 7, 2017.

The First 1,000 Days of Paraguayan Children

Paraguayan children have a new Law that provides stimulating toys and information for the first 1,000 days. Read more in this interview.

Jan 30, 2017.

5 Years of Information, 5 Wishes for Children in Latin America and the Caribbean

We turn 5 this year sharing with you content about childhood development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Jan 23, 2017.

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