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How Can You Partner With Us?

By working with us, our partners’ contributions help improve lives, raise standards, and accelerate LAC’s journey to a brighter future. To accomplish this in a sustainable and forward-thinking way, the IDB seeks not short-term isolated connections, but rather long-term commitments to collaborate, share resources, risks, results and knowledge for the good of the region.

Sparking innovative solutions, generating knowledge, leveraging financial resources and providing visibility for results are often the fruits of a partnership. But how are they achieved? We view partnerships as a four-stage process:

  1. Identify and Outreach: To set the stage for partnership, one must identify potential partners, gather information about them, and establish contact.
  2. Planning: Once contact is made, partnership commitment must be secured. This often involves negotiating, defining an action plan, and formalizing through a memorandum of understanding or letter of intent that outlines the future collaboration.
  3. Implementation: To effectively implement a partnership and achieve results, the parties must identify the best partnership vehicle to work through, strive to meet deliverables, sustain communication, and measure performance.
  4. Review and Sustaining: The IDB seeks long-term relationships with its partners, making this step one of the most crucial. By effectively evaluating and monitoring the partnership, building sustainability into the partnership structure, and identifying opportunities for continued collaboration, a partnership becomes positioned for longevity and continued success.

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