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Risk Identification

The IDB believes that the evaluation of disaster risk and its review with country authorities is a critical approach to enhanceing awareness of this threat to development and to encourageing countries to allocate scarce resources to improve their risk management. Therefore, the Bank helps countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to identify the types and magnitudes of potential impacts that are associated with disasters caused by natural hazards and that may affect development investments.

The Bank provides technical assistance to member countries to develop Indicators of Disaster Risk and Risk Management, which allows them to assess their physical, financial, and socioeconomic, and environmental vulnerabilities and risks to natural hazards and disasters and to measure and monitor their performance in risk management.

In addition, it provides support for a strategic country risk evaluation: a more detailed probabilistic assessment of risk that identifies the geographic areas and sectors at risk, probable maximum losses associated with catastrophic events and their economic impacts. This information provides useful guidance to countries regarding the relative priority to be assigned to disaster risk reduction and informs the identification of specific areas of intervention to improve risk management at the national, sectoral and local levels, including investments in prevention and mitigation.

Strategic Country Risk Evaluation: 

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