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Financial Instruments

Working with local partners from the private sector, civil society and governments, MIF has financed the growth of innovative and inclusive businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean with significant contributions and investments.

The instruments that MIF has available are:

Grants and Loans

Direct and Indirect Investment

The MIF is a primary source for direct and indirect investment for financial institutions that provide loans, investment capital and technical assistance to microenterprises and entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) a part of the IDB Group, was one of the first development institutions to invest directly in the equity of a microfinance institution in early 1990s. Today, MIF is the lead IDB direct investor with equity participation in institutions such as Financiera Calpiá (today Banco Procedit El Salvador), Credifactor (Nicaragua) and Microfin (Uruguay).

Indirect investment has taken place thorough the following broad categories:

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