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News and Views

NEO Initiative improves job opportunities for 150,000 youth in Latin American and the Caribbean

With a US$137 million investment and presence in 10 countries, NEO addresses the youth talent gap

Apr 25, 2017.

Latin America and Caribbean register middle class growth. Child poverty and inequality problems persist

The middle class now numbers 186 million people, but high levels of inequality prevail and children have fared worst.

Oct 24, 2016.

IDB Issues New Education, Youth and Employment (EYE) Bond

The Inter-American Development Bank issued a $50 million 3-year fixed-rate note under its EYE Bond program.

Sep 23, 2016.

Promoting labor mobility within the Pacific Alliance

Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru met in Bogota at the event 'Labor mobility within the Pacific Alliance' to discuss how the labor mobility’s management could go beyond the prevention of irregular migration, with a perspective of employment and human capital development following the so-called "triple win".

Apr 22, 2016.

How Can You Print a Building? A Door to Employment Bringing Jobs to Northern Haiti

    How Can You Print a Building?

    Enrico Dini, inventor of 3-D printing, was one of the guest speakers at Demand #Solutions, an IDB sponsored event highlighting ideas for a better quality of life.
  • How Can You Print a Building? (22:52) Video Icon
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    A Door to Employment

    One out of four clients of the National Employment Agency of the Dominican Republic (SENAE) land a formal job with the help of labor intermediation and training services.
  • A Door to Employment (04:45) Video Icon
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    Bringing Jobs to Northern Haiti

    The factories in the Caracol Industrial Park will generate tens of thousands of jobs in a region marked by poverty and unemployment.
  • Bringing Jobs to Northern Haiti (4:07) Video Icon

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