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Labor and Pensions
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Labor and Pensions

Through its Labor Markets and Social Security Unit, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) promotes more and better jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB strives to advance the goals of poverty reduction, equality of opportunities, and higher productivity through employment services and better training, improved design and reach of social insurance, and better labor market analysis and information. In order to achieve these goals, the IDB currently focuses on analytical work and projects in the following four main areas: Intermediation, Labor Training, Social Security and Labor Migration.

Areas of Action

Intermediation Labor Training Social Security Labor Migration

Last news

Promoting labor mobility within the Pacific Alliance

Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru met in Bogota at the event 'Labor mobility within the Pacific Alliance' to discuss how the labor mobility’s management could go beyond the prevention of irregular migration, with a perspective of employment and human capital development following the so-called "triple win".

Apr 22, 2016.

Peru modernizes management to improve universal coverage of health services with IDB support

Peru modernizes management to improve universal coverage of health services, with an IDB loan of $300 million.

Nov 19, 2015.

IDB approves $300 million loan to improve the efficiency of health spending in the Dominican Republic

IDB approved $300 million for the Dominican Republic to improve social security and efficiency of health spending.

Nov 19, 2015.

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Projects Highlights


A Door to Employment Honduras Promotes Youth Employment Youth and Employment The Age of Productivity The Age of Productivity

    A Door to Employment

    One out of four clients of the National Employment Agency of the Dominican Republic (SENAE) land a formal job with the help of labor intermediation and training services.
  • A Door to Employment (04:45) Video Icon
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    Honduras Promotes Youth Employment

    Thanks to an innovative program called PROEMPLEO, a collaborative effort between the private and public sector in Honduras, it has provided more than 9,600 jobs for young people where they were once interns.
  • Honduras Promotes Youth Employment (4:08) Video Icon
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    Youth and Employment

    More than 57,000 low-income Dominican young people have received labor training to access a better job. The evaluations have improved the effectiveness of the Youth and Employment Program in the Dominican Republic.
  • Youth and Employment (05:03) Video Icon
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    The Age of Productivity

    A new IDB study highlights the need to enhance the efficiency of the service sector and the production chain of small enterprises in order to foster growth in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • The Age of Productivity (3:40) Video Icon
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    The Age of Productivity

    Complete proceedings of the Cancun press conference which launched the 2010 Development in the Americas (DIA) publication.
  • The Age of Productivity (44:24) Video Icon

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