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Developing human capital in the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico. In just over 20 years, hotel capacity has grown from 1,500 rooms in the early 90s to more than 40,000 today. This rapid expansion of the hotel industry has generated very strong demand for skilled workers. Last year alone, for example, more than 13,000 new jobs were created in this sector. Since existing training mechanisms could not keep up with the demand for skilled workers, the Association of Hotels in the Riviera Maya created a new training project, which has become an innovative model that could be applied throughout the region.

As part of a collaborative initiative involving the public and private sector, the hotel industry has worked closely with the Ministry of Education to help improve productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of human capital. The project, supported by IDB’s Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), has supported training, job placement and internships for students and teachers.

As a result of these training and placement activities, 40% of participants got a job immediately after finishing their courses. The program has also been successful in ensuring the continuous updating of knowledge and skills for a highly competitive and innovative sector. For these reasons, the Riviera Maya model has become a reference for the industry due to its commitment to state-of-the-art training, which can only be achieved through a public-private partnership that reduces the skills gap and tailors the training programs to the specific needs of the firms that are hiring these workers.


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