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Marcos Robles

Marcos RoblesMarcos Robles is a Research Economist in the Social Sector at the Inter-American Development Bank. Previously, he worked in the Poverty and Inequality Unit and the Research Department of the IDB. He has provided technical support for IDB projects in the areas of poverty, inequality and social programs, for Peru, Mexico, Paraguay, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. Prior to joining the IDB, he was an advisor in the Peruvian National Planning Institute and the National Institute of Statistics, as well as the Manager of Quantitative Methodology at Maximixe Consulting in Peru. He has been the technical coordinator of the MECOVI Program, a joint initiative of the IDB, World Bank and ECLAC, and the Social Expenditures and Budget Project of UNDP-UNICEF in Paraguay. Mr. Robles has also been a professor of Quantitative Methods and Econometrics at several universities in Peru and Mexico. His research has focused on issues relating to poverty, inequality and social assistance. He earned his masters in economics from the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas in Mexico.

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