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We Live Longer But Are Less Healthy, How Do We Confront This?

Several factors explain why we are currently more likely to watch our grandchildren grow. But although we live longer, we have worse health conditions.

Aug 15, 2017.

Everyone Is Equal, But Are Some People More Equal Than Others in Health?

Thoughts on the emergence of special funds to pay for high-cost medicines in Latin America.

Aug 7, 2017.

To Celebrate Breastfeeding Week, Breastfeeding Is the Answer

Did you know that breastfeeding increases the survival chances for newborns and diminishes the risk of cancer for mothers?

Jul 31, 2017.

More Supermoms, Less Maternal Mortality

What are some innovative solutions to stem the tide against maternal mortality? Lessons from Honduras.

Jul 24, 2017.

Caesarean Delivery: A Trend That Should Be the Exception

C-sections are the most frequent surgical procedure in the world, but they are risky and often unnecessary.

Jul 17, 2017.

Are We Abusing C-Section Procedures?

There is no justification for rates of these interventions exceeding 10%. The WHO insists it should be done only on women who really need it.

Jul 11, 2017.

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