Strengthening primary care and hospital management in Panama

PN-T1095 – $120,000


In Panama access to preventative primary care and emergency care for those in extreme poverty is limited due to inadequate infrastructure, lack of incentives to improve the quality of care, and the decoupling between primary care and secondary care.


Panama is working to strengthen its network of hospitals in order to ensure the continuity of health care services. The ICSF will finance assessments of hospital records, health information, and human resources in order to generate recommendations that will help inform the expansion in the supply and quality of hospital services, reduction of access and coverage barriers to improve the quality of care for people who suffer from cancer, and improvement of primary health care and hospital management for these conditions.


These studies are expected to inform the government of Panama in making effective decisions about how to best address the rising incidence of cancer and other chronic non-communicable diseases in Panama. Some of the policy options that may benefit from these studies are the implementation of public-private partnerships for the provision of services and other institutional arrangements associating government with non-public organizations.


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