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Institutional Capacity Strengthening Fund


In January 2009, the People’s Republic of China became the 48th member country of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). As part of its incorporation into the IDB, China made a special contribution of US$75 million, which the IDB allocated for the creation of the Institutional Capacity Strengthening Fund (ICSF), amid the process of creating a new strategy for Institutions for Growth and Social Welfare.



The ICSF aims to support the efforts of countries within Latin America and the Caribbean to enhance their institutions, as a contributing factor to a country’s economic development. The ICSF contributes to the strengthening of institutions, as well as to greater participation and inclusion of civil society and the private sector in shaping government policies and programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.



  • Support to institutional reforms. Initiatives that improve countries’ understanding and ability to design and implement institutional reforms; that promote consensus and coordination among stakeholders and that ensure continuity and commitment to long-term reform efforts.
  • Public sector management and internal organization. Initiatives that improve the management of public institutions and enhance professional managerial capacity with the objective of fostering efficient and effective management.
  • Service Delivery. Initiatives that increase access and delivery of public goods, in particular to the most vulnerable populations; increase transparency and access to information as well as citizen’s satisfaction; and improve quality services and construction of trust in government.
  • China and LAC. Initiatives that promote stronger ties between public sector institutions in China and Latin America and the Caribbean in order to increase investment opportunities in different industries and countries; and close existing knowledge and dissemination gaps in institutional aspects of public sector work.


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