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Government and Institutions


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Latest Publications

  • Best Practices for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP): Experiences from Latin America and the Caribbean and Selected Countries

    García Zaballos, Antonio;Jeun, Inkyung

    Date: Sep, 2016

    Modern society cannot evolve and operate without critical infrastructures, most of which have become dependent of internet connectivity for a variety of information management, communications, and control functions. In many cases, information and communications technology has become all-embracing, connecting other infrastructures referred to as critical information infrastructure. The increased interdependency has made critical infrastructure particularly vulnerable to natural hazards, technical problems, cyber-attacks, and terrorism. The topic of critical information infrastructure protection thus is attracting increasing attention and is progressively considered to be an integral part of national sustainability strategies. This publication delivers best practices on this topic derived from case studies and the status quo in the region and proposes recommendations for the further development of a delineated framework.

  • Civil Registration and Vital Statistics as a Tool to Improve Public Management

    Date: Aug, 2016

    This paper sets forth a theoretical discussion of a number of specific benefits that can arise through the expansion of civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) as a way to improve public sector management. It posits that CRVS can be the main source of information to improve policy planning and coordination, as well as increasing transparency and preventing corruption and fraud, among other key features of public sector management. CRVS may supplement the census and other conventional instruments for collecting personal and demographic information on society. The paper also discusses practical ways to maximize the benefits of CRVS and the potential value of civil registration by opening a discussion on the costs and benefits of an expanded utilization of CRVS.

Only the Best

    Only the Best

    Description of new initiatives for modernization in the recruitment of more qualified public officials in Chile.
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