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Government and Institutions


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Latest Publications

  • Sustainable Infrastructure: New Chapter for China-LAC Infrastructure Cooperation

    Mueller, Sven-Uwe;Li, Fan;Xiang, Zhang;Shengping, Shang;Tianyi, Zhang

    Date: Dec, 2016

    In recent years, a growing emphasis has been given to the impact of infrastructure on economy, society and environment as well as to the sustainability of infrastructure projects. The Inter-American Development Bank, a major driver of infrastructure development in Latin America, has partnered with the China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) to advocate for sustainable development as a strategy to boost the comprehensive competitiveness of its members. With a shared vision to promote sustainable infrastructure, CHINCA and IDB will intensify collaboration and offer an impetus and guidance for Chinese contractors to invest in and undertake sustainable infrastructure projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Learning from Productive Development Agencies in Brazil: Policies for Technological Innovation

    Azevedo, Paulo F.;Saes, Maria Sylvia;Schneider, Paula Sarita Bigio;Carvalho, Thiago Bernardino de;Francischini, Andresa Silva Neto;Santana, Synthia Kariny Silva de;Morgulis, Maria Clara de Azevedo

    Date: Dec, 2016

    This paper presents and comparatively analyzes three case studies of productive development agencies (PDAs) in Brazil: Embrapa, Finep, and ABC Foundation. Following a discussion of the main hypotheses and the methodology employed, the paper describes each case, the related counterfactual and an analysis of each PDA's capabilities. A subsequent section presents a comparative analysis of the PDAs, studying: i) the use of hybrid forms to assemble complementary capabilities: short-run effects on technological policy; ii) the effect of strategic alliances on building capabilities and dynamic effects; and iii) how industry structure and innovation should affect PDAs' strategies. Finally, the paper presents conclusions, summarizing results, methodological shortcomings and policy implications.

Only the Best

    Only the Best

    Description of new initiatives for modernization in the recruitment of more qualified public officials in Chile.
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