Center of Government at the IDB

The IDB supports Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries in strengthening their CoGs. This support includes technical assistance activities, the generation of knowledge through documenting case studies and other analytical products, and promoting the exchange of experiences among practitioners and former practitioners of IDB member countries.


The Center of Government (CoG) is the institution or group of institutions that provide direct support to the Chief Executive (the President or the Prime Minister, Governor or Mayor) in managing the government’s top priorities. Based on our conceptual framework, the CoG is in charge of the following functions: 1. Strategic Management;2. Coordinating policy design and implementation; 3. Monitoring and improving performance; 4. Managing the politics of policies; 5. Communicating results and accountability.


In a context of multidimensional and cross-cutting problems, governments cannot continue providing vertical responses. In addition, events and an intense 24 hour news cycle can deviate the attention from decision makers and risk the achievement of the priority goals within the government’s program. Thus, a technically strong CoG is even more crucial for governments seeking to deliver results and high-quality services to the citizens.

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