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Canadian Fund for Universal Legal Identity in Latin America and the Caribbean (CCR)

The objective of the Fund is to improve the protection of the rights of children and other vulnerable individuals such as women and indigenous peoples, in Latin America and the Caribbean, by contributing to increasing the number of children registered and by strengthening the institutional capacity of national registrars.

The CCR will contribute to: (i) improve the implementation of gender-sensitive and inclusive civil registry and legal identity policy frameworks by government institutions; (ii) improve the delivery of civil registration and legal identity services for vulnerable populations, particularly children; and (iii) increase the use of international standards in legal identity and civil registration among the Bank member countries.

Areas of intervention

  • Development of National Identity Policies. This area aims at improving governments’ capacity to design and implement identity policies, as well as increasing knowledge and support for rights-based national identity policies.

    The following are examples of eligible activities in this area: Baseline studies to identify current status of civil registry and legal identity policies; plans to design child-friendly, gender-sensitive and inclusive civil registry and legal identity policies and preparation of tool kits and training to support their implementation; and technical assistance to align national laws with international conventions.
  • Improved Service Delivery to Citizens. This area of intervention aims to finance innovative pilot projects to reach unregistered children, and efforts to strengthen civil registry’s capacity to perform in an efficient, timely and secure manner.

    This area will support activities such as: Training to deliver services in a gender and culturally sensitive manner; collection of baseline information and indicators to measure service delivery; and upgrade of technological systems, communication and security protocols to protect personal and sensitive information.
  • Regional Technical Assistance. The third area of intervention promotes regional integration, South-South collaboration and harmonization of registration standards.

    The following are examples of eligible activities in this area: Technical meetings to discuss international trends on emerging needs related to civil registry; knowledge exchanges to share best practices and lessons learned on civil registration and legal identity, including how they apply to children, women, indigenous peoples, and other vulnerable individuals; and training of trainers of registrars on international standards.


How to apply to the CCR?

Applying for financing from the CCR requires that the interested institution or organization contact a Bank specialist. If the project falls into the CCR areas of intervention, the Bank specialist will prepare a proposal that will undergo a selection process as described in its operational guidelines.

All proposals submitted to the CCR will follow the Bank’s standard policies and procedures on processing, approval, procurement, disbursement, and reporting.


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