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Gender and Diversity
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The São Paulo Municipal Secretary for the Promotion of Racial Equality (SMPIR), in conjunction with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), is proud to announce São Paulo Diverso Forum. This economic development event seeks to leverage the strengths of the public and private sectors to better support the inclusive development of the city of São Paulo and the social inclusion of African Descendants and other historically marginalized groups in the development process.

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Math and science are for men, right?
New post in our blog ¿Y si hablamos de igualdad?, by Kristin Dacey and Sanola Daley
Few women chose a professional career linked to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), despite the great benefits of this fields. Why?

October 2014. Read more

Women at the wheel, the danger is real?
By Luz Caballero
Road accidents are the leading cause of deaths not related to health in the world. And most (77%) are men. Let´s talk about gender.

October 2014. Read more

Mind the Gap

Women Forge a Future for Apartadó How Can You Print a Building?

    Women Forge a Future for Apartadó

    In the Colombian town of Apartadó, women are shaping a new beginning after decades of violence
  • Women Forge a Future for Apartadó (04:45) Video Icon
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    How Can You Print a Building?

    Enrico Dini, inventor of 3-D printing, was one of the guest speakers at Demand #Solutions, an IDB sponsored event highlighting ideas for a better quality of life.
  • How Can You Print a Building? (22:52) Video Icon

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