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Forestry by the Numbers

Emissions from Deforestation

17%Deforestation and forest degradation account for nearly 17% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Potential areas for forest protection

39% 39 percent of all forest land in Latin American and the Caribbean has low economic return from agriculture. These lands are not under extreme pressure from competing alternative uses so landowners are likely to respond positively to incentives for forest conservation and adoption of low-impact activities.

Climate change mitigation costs

40% The inclusion of afforestation, reforestation, avoided deforestation and forest degradation could reduce the overall cost of climate change mitigation by 40%. (Source: Guillison, R.E., Frumahoff, P.C., Canadell, J.C., Field, C. B., Nepstad, D.C., Hayhoe, K. et al (2007). Tropical forests and climate policy. Science 316:985-986.)

Livestock in Latin America and the Caribbean

2030 By 2030, livestock will become the major source of greenhouse emissions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Livestock and Emissions

4-5 million 4 to 5 million hectares of forest are cleared every year in Latin America and the Caribbean, resulting in 0.4 billion tons of carbon emissions, or as much as 47% of global carbon emissions from deforestation.

Rate of Deforestation in Latin America and the Caribbean

1/3Latin American forests represent a third of the world's forests.



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