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The availability of valid, comparable, and standardized public debt data is essential for the implementation of sound policies in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). This is why at the core of the LAC Debt Group initiative is the development of a standardized sovereign debt database to help debt managers, policy makers, and other actors of financial markets analyze the evolution and composition of public debt in LAC and conduct cross-country comparisons. The information of the database is provided by the public debt offices of LAC countries in response to a questionnaire specifically designed to allow comparability of data. The questionnaire, whose response is non-compulsory, is intended to compile up-to-date standardized statistics for objective and homogeneous definitions of public debt.

As stated in the disclaimer, the data presented herein is for informational purposes only and does not have an official character. It is based on the standardized methodology applied by the LAC Debt Group in order to have comparative indicators for the region.

The set of data provided by countries in response to the LAC Debt Group Questionnaire is accessible by clicking on the following links: Standardized Public Debt Statistics (Excel format and IDB´s Open Data Portal version).

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