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IDB Communities facilitates the development of Communities of Practice (CoP) at the Inter-American Development Bank. LAC Debt Group’s CoP is a tool designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration between the members of the LAC Debt Group.

It consists of a group of debt management specialists with a common concern, interest or passion for debt management, who wish to exchange ideas, experience and opinions on topics they deem important for their professional practice. By working in a collaborative manner, each member can learn from each other, and create innovative ideas and approaches, to improve the impact and quality of their work and its development effectiveness. Members of LAC Debt Group’s CoP exchange experiences and lessons learned. This allows them toincorporate a broader vision to their work, improve its quality and relevance, and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in their field.

Our CoP contributes to a more informed dialogue among decision-makers, often leading to improved development outcomes. It is also a venue for promoting initiatives, and sharing results of research and good practices in operations.

Members: Click here to be directed to BID-Comunidades

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