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What can we learn from energy efficiency policies in Latin America and the Caribbean?

Energy intensity in Latin America and the Caribbean is not decreasing as fast as the world average.

What are some of the main barriers for energy efficiency programs in the power sector in Latin America?

Despite the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, including those for end users, the environment, and the economy in general, energy efficiency in Latin America and the Caribbean has not taken off as could be expected.

Working Towards Sustainable Electricity in Colombia

A new publication presents the electrical situation in Colombia’s San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina Archipelago and analyzes the challenges faced and the alternatives that can lead the area to electrical sustainability, including measures related to efficient demand management (GED) and the development of non-conventional renewable energy (FNCER).

Women, Energy and (Bike!) Power

Flor de María Úbeda Rivas does not know how to ride a bike, but she has started a small energy revolution based on pedaling.

What is the Human Impact of Sustainable Energy for All?

One night in April 2016, girls and boys from the indigenous community of Santa Rosa de Huacaria, Peru played soccer for the first time as their parents cheered from the sidelines.

5 Way Sustainable Energy Can Help Your Community

“Light up your life” is an innovative program of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Philips that seeks to promote efficient and sustainable energy in low-income communities in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil.

How to Create Sustainable Energy Systems

Energy is an essential for the production of virtually all goods and services in the modern world.

Empowering Women to Power the World

Even in the Western culture, just a few decades ago, women were frowned upon for wearing pants. Now it’s normal for women to wear pants.

Institutions and Financing for Energy Efficiency

Over the past several years, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean have taken action and defined policies to increase energy efficiency in all sectors of the economy.



Ideas Energy Innovation Contest

The Energy Innovation Contest (IDEAS) is an initiative to support the development of innovative projects that promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, biofuels, and energy access in rural areas. The first round of IDEAS winners was announced in 2009. Almost 2600 applications from 28 countries in LAC were received in five contests. The IDEAS Program is another IDB contribution to the SE4All UN global initiative.


Climatescope 2015

Explore and assess the investment climate and policies for clean energy investments in 55 countries.


IDB Energy Database

The Energy Database is an interactive tool that shows time-series energy data and market/institutional organization in Latin America and the Caribbean and, for comparison, other major countries/regions.



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