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Energy Efficiency

Doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency – getting more from our existing resources – is an achievable goal that will improve living conditions, create sustainable patterns of consumption, and promote practices that ensure our long-term energy future. In the global context, Latin America and the Caribbean present great opportunities to improve energy efficiency, and this means that both individual citizens and industries can save money and become more sustainable.

Investing in energy efficiency is critical to meeting future energy demands and mitigating climate change. How do we incentivize energy efficiency? What investments in energy efficiency give back the highest returns to society?

There are many useful sources of energy information in our region. Here we bring together a curated list of relevant resources for you. This will give stakeholders more tools to increase the use of renewables.

In addition to these highlighted publications, Infoguides provides a wealth of information on many energy topics.

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Selected Resources

Policy Papers

Light up your life in Peru

Better energy consumption in Mexicali (Spanish)

Eficiencia Energética: El desafío de la Industria Minería

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