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Energy Access

Ensuring universal access to modern energy services has far reaching social and economic benefits for society. The Latin America and Caribbean region is very close to achieving universal access. In electricity this means advancing from 95% to 100% access and this requires an even larger investment and a new set of solutions.

Electricity coverage in Latin America and Caribbean

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In cooking fuels, there is much more work to be done, but the questions remain: How do we reach the rest of the population that lacks electricity access? How do we provide them with access to clean cooking fuels? It is also important to ask: what is sustainable access? The goal is to ensure sustainable energy for all.

Energy access plays an important role in issues such as eradicating poverty, reducing infant mortality, improving education, promoting gender equality, increasing access to quality medical care, and attaining environmental sustainability.

There are many useful energy information resources in our region. Here we bring together a curated list of relevant resources for you. This will give all stakeholders the tools to effectively provide universal energy access.

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