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IDB Cultural Center Archives 1992-2014
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IDB Cultural Center

The IDB Cultural Center (1992-2014) was established with two primary objectives: 1) contribute to social development by providing grants to small-scale cultural projects that have positive social impact in the Region; and 2) showcase the artistic expressions of the IDB member countries, with emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean, through cultural programs that bring understanding between the Region and the rest of the world.

The IDB Cultural Center Exhibitions Program and the Inter-American Concert, Lecture and Film Series stimulate dialogue and offer greater knowledge of the creativity of the Americas. The Cultural Development Program funds projects for technical training, revival of cultural heritage and community values, and supports artistic initiatives. The IDB Art Collection, acquired over five decades, is managed by the Cultural Center and embodies the Bank’s mission to invest in the Region’s artists; and travelling exhibitions promote diversity and integration among nations.

The IDB Cultural Center wishes to acknowledge and thank our thousands of partners and visitors for their contributions over these past twenty years, and we look forward to greater synergy between culture and development in the 21st century.

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IDB Cultural Center: 20th Anniversary

    IDB Cultural Center: 20th Anniversary

    Over the last two decades, the IDB Cultural Center has not only become an emblematic presence for Latin American culture in Washington DC, but also a promoter of the creative industries in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • IDB Cultural Center: 20th Anniversary (04:30) Video Icon


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