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IDB Cultural Center

Cultural Development Grants Program

Since 1994, the Cultural Development Program of the IDB Cultural Center has co-sponsored cultural projects in the 26 countries of the hemisphere. These projects include: training communities surrounding archaeological sites to help them preserve and manage their cultural patrimony; restoration of historical sites for educational and economic purposes; docent and youth educational development through the arts; implementation of literature, poetry, theater craft making and dance performances workshops in areas never reached by development projects before, among others listed in the link below: 

Cultural Development Program 2014


The Cultural Development Program 2014 call for proposals is closed.

We thank all the Cultural Development Program-2014 participants.

At the moment we are analyzing the finalists and the Selection Committe will make final decisions promptly.

The IDB Cultural Center invites cultural and artistic institutions in the 26 member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to submit proposals before February 28th, 2014 by completing the electronic form.

Each institution must complete the form in the original language of the country where the project will be implemented.

See the Cultural Development Grant Program-2014 GUIDELINES.

Guidelines in Portuguese and in French

Cultural Development Program 2013



  • Asociación Civil Proyectos Culturales para el Desarrollo. Strengthening Local Identities. Poetry Festival at School, Northwest Argentina
  • Fundación EXACTA - Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano-cheLA. Fronteras de la Mirada: training of trainers in media arts to reinforce children and youth rights in the District 4 of Buenos Aires and Isla Maciel – Partido de Avellaneda


  • The College of the Bahamas. Bahamian Women in Music


  • Humana People to People. Promotion of traditional Garifuna druming and dancing in Barranco


  • Educación y Futuro EDYFU. Centro La LibélulaDance in Tarija
  • Instituto Superior Ecuménico Andino de Teología ISEAT. Artistic training in Qalauma: Graphic design workshop - Project Liber'arte - Qalauma Center


  • Instituto de Desenvolvimento Ambiental Raimundo Irineu Serra IDARIS. Jardim da Natureza Crafts Workshop, Amazonas
  • Associação de Moradores 28 de Agosto. Women Embroiderers: Tailoring Our Stories, Bahia
  • Associação Indígena Tulukai. Rescue of Wauja traditional basketry. Piyulaga village, Xingu Indigenous Park, Mato Grosso


  • Corporación Cultural de Puerto Montt. Workshops and training to rescue ancestral knowledge for Artisans in Llanquihue
  • Rayo Azul Twister. Rhythm and Passion: comprehensive school of arts, Conchalí
  • Fundacion Ona. Handmade artisan textile of the Aymara communities, Parinacota


  • Fundación Centro Cultural y Turístico Casa del Patrimonio de Taganga. Ancestral and artistic handmade techniques, Taganga community
  • Fundación Raíces Vivas. Revitalization of the artistic Ticuna masks production, Puerto Nariño, Amazonas

Costa Rica

  • Asociación Ecole Experiencia Proyecto Jirondai. New Voices, Old Words
  • Fundación Skené. Audiovisual production training. Student Festival of Arts


  • Anima Mundi Asociación de Investigadores Libres. Andean Intercultural Band with cane and bamboo instruments
  • Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial. Facultad de Turismo, Hotelería y Gastronomía. Ancestral knowledge and tourism to safeguard indigenous culture in the Quilotoa community, Cotopaxi

El Salvador

  • Asociación Intersectorial para el Desarrollo Económico y el Progreso Social CIDEP. Reinforcing the cultural identity of the communities living around the archaeological site of Tehuacan, Tecoluco, San Vicente
  • Fundación Llort. Arts and culture in the 13 de enero Zacamil community


  • Academy of Dramatic Art. Universidad Popular de la República de Guatemala. School Theater - TeatroEduca
  • Railways of Guatemala. Library and Cultural Center FEGUA


  • The Tina Insanally Foundation Inc. Training Guyanese musicians to teach music


  • Universidad Nacional de Agricultura. Nationwide training for cultural managers


  • Caracoli. Training of Follow Jah music band, Petion Ville
  • Institut Français en Haïti  IFH. Films for everyone


  • Manchester Parish Development Committee. The Mile Gully Heritage Loop cultural education workshops


  • Terra Peninsular Asociación Civil. Strengthening indigenous craft production of the Kumiai and Papai communities, Baja California
  • Encuentro para el Camino Asociación Civil. Dance mask recovery, Mixteca Region, Puebla
  • Centro Nacional para el Desarrollo Integral CENADIN. Traditionoal herbal culture rescue, Municipio de Chiconcuautla


  • Espacio para la Investigación y Reflexión Artística EspIra. Art and ecology workshops
  • Asociación Nicaragüense de Escritoras ANIDE. Creative writing workshops – Female Writers Conference


  • Centro de la Mujer Panameña CEMP. Afro Panamenian Arts and Culture Festival


  • Madre Tierra. Intercultural development research
  • Fundación El Cántaro. BioEscuela of arts and crafts, Areguá


  • Universidad de Piura. Recovery of cultural traditions and training of trainers for communities around the archaeological site of Narihualá, Catacaos, Piura
  • Instituto de Gestión de Cuencas Hidrográficas IGCH. Ancestral knowledge for educational institutions in the rural community of Olleros, Ayabaca, Piura

República Dominicana

  • Red Cultural. Dance campaign and manufacturing of traditional instruments, Sábana del Espíritu Santo


  • VIDS Vereniging van Inheemse Dorpshoofden in Suriname. Promotional research of traditional land use and knowledge in Para East
  • SAV Stichting Agrarische Vrouwen. Transfer and preservation of the Arowak traditional ecological knowledge and cultural heritage of Marijke village, Marowijne

Trinidad & Tobago

  • Citizens for Conservation. Belmont Freetown Community Cultural Heritage Conservation and Tourism Project
  • Trinidad Theatre Workshop. Centre for the Arts


  • Asociación A-CLAQUE. Teatro La Sala Performing Arts Studio


  • Fundación Schola Cantorum de Caracas. Choral singing: a social inclusion proposal
  • Fundación Instituto de Investigación para el Desarrollo de la Educación y el Arte IDEAS. Puppets for the transmission of values. Teaching the teachers training program in puppetry and theater, Trujillo, Pampan y Pampanito


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