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A Wave of Innovation

    A Wave of Innovation

    Innovating through science and technology is becoming increasingly feasible in Uruguay, thanks to a new credit window for business ideas.
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By the Numbers


Is the average number of days that it takes to start a business in Latin America and the Caribbean. More >>

Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), through its Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation Division, promotes the creation and growth of dynamic firms in Latin American and Caribbean countries with the capacities and tools to innovate and compete in international markets.

Areas of Action


Economic growth depends on private sector investment in innovation and new technologies. More >>


Successful firms are parts of extensive networks in which they compete as much as they collaborate, learn, gain critical mass and share public inputs to make a unique mark in the local and global marketplace. More >>


The ability of a country to adapt and take advantage of technological changes and dynamics of the global context depends upon its entrepreneurs. More >>


Solid institutions and enabling environments are crucial for promoting competitiveness and innovation in firms. More >>

Project Highlights


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