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Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative

Alternative energy, sustainable agriculture, climate-friendly transportation and climate resilient resource management are just some of the many areas in which the Inter-American Development Bank is leading the way in setting high sustainability standards. These standards are part of the Bank’s commitment of providing countries in Latin America and the Caribbean with the best available technologies and practices to ensure economic viability, social equity, and environmental integrity.

The goals of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative are centered around the provision of comprehensive sustainability options in areas related to the energy, transportation, water and environmental sectors as well as building climate resilience in key priority areas vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The Initiative consists of four strategic pillars:

In 2009 as part of the development and management of the Initiative, the IDB created the Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Unit (ECC). More


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Latest Publications

  • NDC Invest Infographic

    Inter-American Development Bank (IDB);Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC)

    Date: Oct, 2016

    A one stop-shop for countries to access resources for transforming their NDCs into investment plans

  • The Impact of Coastal Infrastructure Improvements on Economic Growth: Evidence from Barbados

    Corral, Leonardo;Schling, Maja;Rogers, Cassandra;Cumberbatch, Janice;Hinds, Fabian;Zhou, Naijun;Lemay, Michele H.

    Date: Oct, 2016

    This paper presents the first rigorous impact evaluation of a shoreline stabilization program in Barbados and attempts to assess whether shoreline stabilization investments indeed have beneficial effects on medium-term economic growth in Small Island Developing States through stimulating tourism demand and real estate development. The analysis relies on a carefully designed geographic information systems (GIS) dataset, which comprises extensive panel data from Barbados' touristic West and South Coasts on key infrastructure, beach characteristics, and real estate activity, as well as remotely-sensed luminosity data as a proxy of economic growth. The synthetic control method is employed to construct a counterfactual from a combination of all control beach sites and subsequently estimate program impact on per capita luminosity as a proxy for GDP p.c.. Results indicate that even in the first three years after treatment, economic effects are positive and indicate a strong positive trend. This suggests that shoreline stabilization works may not only help preserve fragile ecological conditions, but further lead to sustainable growth in the local economy.

  • NDC Invest

    Inter-American Development Bank (IDB);Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC)

    Date: Oct, 2016

    NDC Invest, a one-stop for countries to access resources for transforming their NDCs into investment plans

  • Development Effectiveness Overview 2015: Summary

    Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

    Date: Oct, 2016

    The summary of the Development Effectiveness Overview (DEO) presents the main takeaways of the DEO, which is the Inter-American Development Bank's annual report about the results and impact of its work in Latin America and the Caribbean. The DEO reports on the IDB's contributions towards the development of its 26 borrowing member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, holding the IDB accountable to its shareholders, partners and beneficiaries.

Curbing Climate Change

    Curbing Climate Change

    Energy conservation and investment in renewable energies are among the keys to mitigating the threat.
  • Curbing Climate Change (2:12) Video Icon

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