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Innovation can come in different forms —from different processes to new materials, from institutional capacity to financing sources— yet regardless of what we innovate the action itself is made with the goal of achieving a different outcome. Whether the outcome is to encourage more people to take action through community engagement or to increase a country's energy security by diversifying the energy matrix with renewable energy sources, innovation serves as a positive force for change. Innovation creates ideas, exciting exchange of lessons among teams, enabling a virtuous cycle of creation and learning that takes us to a better tomorrow. That is the underlying philosophy we adopted, and the work on climate is no exception.

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  • Agricultural Policy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Jamaica

    Josling, Timothy;Josling, Timothy;Josling, Timothy;Josling, Timothy;Boyce, Rachel;Boyce, Rachel;Boyce, Rachel;Boyce, Rachel;Valero, Sara;Valero, Sara;Valero, Sara;Valero, Sara;Mills, Anaitée;Mills, Anaitée;Mills, Anaitée;Mills, Anaitée;De Salvo, Carmine Paolo;De Salvo, Carmine Paolo;De Salvo, Carmine Paolo;De Salvo, Carmine Paolo;Alleng, Gerard;Alleng, Gerard;Alleng, Gerard;Alleng, Gerard

    Date: May, 2017

    This document presents the results of a study that combines data on the emission of greenhouse gasses (GHG measured in CO2 equivalents) from farming activities with the incidence of policy incentives (transfers to the farming sector as measured in the Agrimonitor database) for Jamaican agriculture. The report¿s objective is to look at Jamaican agricultural policy from the viewpoint of greenhouse gas emissions in the context of attempts to ensure consistency among policy objectives and nationally established targets related to the current climate change discourse. Specifically: Are the products that contribute the most to GHG emissions also those that receive the most protection? Or are the incentives emerging from policy in line with GHG emission mitigation objectives?

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