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Climate Change

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Changes in climate during this century will have broad and deep impacts on human activities and ecosystems. Unless drastic and immediate action is taken, it is likely that a 2˚C rise in temperatures will occur by 2050.


The consequences of those changes are likely to be so great they will become one of the global community’s defining challenges. We at the Inter-American Development Bank focus our response in four action areas.


Adaptation action is clearly cost-effective. The overall investment required to adapt is a fraction of the $100 billion projected yearly economic damages in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Mitigation actions are essential to prevent greater damage. If we continue business-as-usual our annual emissions will be nearly five times the level required globally to stabilize at a 2˚C rise in temperature.

Carbon sinks

The Implementation of stronger land-use policies, capable of increasing net carbon sinks beyond 2030, would bring down emissions in 2050 by only 1.37 Gt.

Climate finance

Participation in funds strengthens the IDB’s ability to help Latin America and the Caribbean tackle climate change.

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