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2013 Selected Organizations

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2013 Call for Proposals for Civil Society Organizations. The IDB thanks all of the organizations that submitted proposals.

The organizations selected to receive JPO funding, subject to compliance with all IDB internal proceedures, are:

  • Fundación Mi Sangre (Colombia, US$ 955,712). The project Dare to Dream: Social Entrepreneurship for Youth at Risk, will contribute to the development of life skills and social entrepreneurship of 9,100 young people between 15 and 25 years, at risk and economic exclusion. And to accompany at least 1,080 young people in developing social entrepreneurship initiatives that promote innovative solutions to problems in their communities.
  • Centro de Investigación Planeación y Evaluación de Honduras (Honduras, US$849,750). The project Reducing the vulnerability of the young men and women to improve the ability of dealing with threats, protect them from risky behaviors and improving the quality of education, by implementing extracurricular activities, will reduce vulnerability and involvement in risky behaviors of young people and improving the teaching-learning process with the consequent benefit to the family, society.
  • Corporación Kimirina (Ecuador, US$950,360). The project Preventive Education in Sexual and Reproductive Health for Adolescents and Youth, will promote favorable conditions for the development of adolescents and youth aged from 15 to 25 years old, in conditions of social exclusion and risk behaviors in relation to their sexual and reproductive health, with rights-based actions, social and gender equality, intergenerational and intercultural approach in the five provinces prioritized by the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Instituto Aliança com o Adolescente (Brasil, US$902,024). The project Reinforcing the Quality of Professional Education in Public Secondary Schools in the State of Ceará, will contribute towards reinforcing the quality of 99 professional secondary schools (EEEPs) within the public education system in the State of Ceará, in the northeast of Brazil, implementing Instituto Aliança’s successful methodology that integrates the development of life and work skills into the school curriculum. This initiative will benefit 59,500 young people and train 400 teachers in two years.
  • Network of Non-governmental Organizations of Trinidad and Tobago for the Advancement of Women (Trinidad y Tobago, US$891,000). The project Becoming a Woman, aims to empower young women and girls aged 10-25, in three high risk communities in Trinidad, through an innovative set of activities for the development of life skills and self-identity while enabling them to manage their sexuality, personal safety and social and economic wellbeing and impacting poverty levels.

2012 Winning Organizations

The evaluation and selection process has been completed and we are pleased to announce the results of this call. The IDB thanks all of the organizations that submitted proposals. The organizations and winning proposals are:

  • Fundación Colonia Pirai (Bolivia, US$1,342,212). The Foundation’s Project will contribute to the modernization of the Advanced School of Agriculture of Colonia Pirai in Santa Cruz, and increase its educational capacity for the benefit of rural and indigenous students.
  • Progresar Fundación Centro de Educación Especial (Colombia, US$300,000). The project Supporting Productive Talents and Skills, will support the development and training of children, youth, and adults with disabilities in the city of Cali, so that they may play a more active role in their communities, schools, and homes.
  • Plan International, Inc. Foster Parents Plan International- Plan Guatemala (Guatemala, US$1,499,500). Their project to Improve Nutrition and Food Security for Vulnerable Populations will contribute to the reduction of food and nutritional insecurity for children and women from 1,925 families in 77 communities of Baja Verapaz.
  • Partners of the Americas, Guyana Chapter (Guyana, US$1,161,000). Their project Development of sustainable communities through the hydroponic production of organic vegetables will provide opportunities to low-income households to become self-employed entrepreneurs in organic hydroponic farming.
  • Fundación Nicaragua Nuestra (Nicaragua, US$340,960). The project Working Together for a Dignified and Productive Life will help increase citizen security levels by integrating at-risk youth through activities that will strengthen their community.
  • Fundación Comunitaria Centro de Información y Recursos para el Desarrollo (Paraguay, US$1,477,952). The project Community based system for pregnant women and newborn healthcare will help in the effort to improve maternal and infant health conditions in the Department of Caazapá through the installation of a local system to extend Access to government healthcare facilities.
  • Asociación Civil Neoandina (Perú, US$842,154). The project Strengthening community and district management to improve health and food security will strengthen the health management and food security capacities of families, communities, and institutions in order to improve the healthcare of pregnant women and children in the district of Jangas in Huaraz.


Selected Organizations 2013

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