Building Citizen Security with Civic Responsibility

At the IDB, citizen security in Latin America and the Caribbean is a development priority. The IDB offers tailor-made answers to insecurity across the region. Programs focus on prevention and strengthening institutions.


Social Prevention

Mitigating risk factors that trigger criminal behavior with a focus on vulnerable groups such as youth, women, indigenous populations and Afro-descendants.

A new leaf for youth in Belize


Advocating for a more effective community-based policing through the use of data management technology.

Police reform in Honduras

Rehabilitation, reinsertion and criminal justice

Rehabilitation, reinsertion and criminal justice: Improving the criminal justice system to increase access to justice and encourage rehabilitation and reinsertion.

Giving youth another chance in Panama


Connecting institutions dealing with citizen security.

Citizen Security Week






The Citizen Security Initiative addresses three challenges to effective public policy making: limited access to quality information on crime and violence, lack of knowledge and tools to plan, manage and assess public policies and a lack of regional dialogue.

Key Areas


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