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Citizen Security and Justice

Measuring the costs of crime in Latin America and the Caribbean

Call for Proposals

To build greater knowledge and evidence on the multiple costs of crime and violence in Latin America and the Caribbean, the IDB launched a call for proposals in 2012. Nine research studies were selected out of the 117 proposals received from over 19 countries in the region.

These were presented at a seminar held at IDB headquarters on January 2013 and focused on various complex aspects.

The winning proposals were:

  • Causal Estimates of the Intangible Costs of Violence Against Women, by Jorge Aguero (University of California Riverside and GRADE (Peru)).
  • The Economic Consequences of Violence and Crime in Mexico, by Beatriz Magolani (Stanford University).
  • Implicaciones económicas de los homicidios del narcotráfico en México, by Sebastián Galiani (University of Maryland at College Park) and Enrique Seira.
  • Life and Death in the Favelas of Brazil, by Marco Manacorda anbd Martin Koppensteiner(Queen Mary University of London).
  • A Hedonic Price Analysis of the Impact of Crime on the Willingness to Pay Rent in Brazil, by David Vetter, KaizôI Beltrão and Rosa M. R. Massena.
  • The Cost of Crime and Violence in Uruguay, by Diego Aboal, Jorge Campanella and Bibiana Lanzilotta(CINVE).
  • The Costs of Crime and Violence in Trinidad and Tobago, by Tim Hope and Lucretia Gabriel (Scientific Information Services (SIS)).
  • The Costs of Crime and Violence in Colombia, by Ana María Ibáñez Londoño, David Zarruk and Catherine Rodriguez (Universidad de Los Andes).
  • Efectos del Castigo al Crimen en Colombia, by Carlos Medina (Banco de la República).

To access the list of these publications, please click here.

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