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Leading Experts

Name Email Area
Hector R. Malarin Division Chief
Sergio Ardila Economist
Leonardo R. Corral Economist
Adriana Delgado Agricultural Specialist
César Falconi Agricultural Economist
Fernandez, Maria del Carmen Agricultural Economist
Nancy Jesurun-Clements Economist
Ricardo Vargas del Valle Agricultural Economist
John Horton Agricultural Economist
Alvaro Garcia Negro Rural Development Specialist
Luis Hernando Hintze Rural Development Specialist
Juan de Dios Mattos Natural Resources Specialist
Pedro Martel Agricultural Economist
Gabriel Montes Agricultural Economist
Marion Le Pommelec Agricultural Specialist
Juan Poveda Agricultural Specialist
Edwin Mateo Molina Natural Resources Specialist
César Tulio Bustamante Economist
Alfonso Tolmos Rural Development Specialist
Viviana Alva-Hart Rural Development Specialist
Gonzalo Muñoz Rural Development Specialist
Luis Macagno Agricultural Economist
Ricardo Quiroga Rural Development Specialist
Paul J. Trapido Agricultural Economist
Fernando Balcazar Natural Resources Specialist
Luis Macagno Agricultural Economist
Gilles Damais Natural Resources Specialist
Sybille Nuenninghoff Natural Resources Specialist
Duval Llaguno Natural Resources Specialist




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