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Areas of Action

Investments in Rural Infrastructure

Investments in rural infrastructure contribute to increased productivity and regional food production in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Bank has primarily financed the construction and rehabilitation of irrigation, drainage and flood control systems. In the context of productive development projects, the IDB has also supported regional or national infrastructure: rural roads, rural electrification and rural water (for livestock development.)

The Bank has financed such projects in the northern provinces of Argentina, through PROSAP (2004) with investments in irrigation, rural roads and electrification, and investment in water management (2006). In Bolivia, the IDB has supported a national irrigation program with a focus on river basins (2008). The bank has also financed irrigation programs in Brazil’s Tocantins state (2010), Guatemala (2006), Guyana (2004), Haiti (2005 and 2007), and Jamaica (2004).

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