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Social Infrastructure

IDB’s vast experience in the health and education make it the best partner for private companies, entrepreneurs and financial intermediaries seeking to invest in these social sectors.

Through its Structured and Corporate Finance Department, IDB has been helping facilitate private sector provision of health and education services at lower cost to middle- to low-income and under-served populations.

Case Studies



 Salud Digna

The IDB is supporting the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL), a leading university in Lima, Peru, to improve access to quality education and broaden the socio-economic profile of its student population. The project is expected to double USIL’s student capacity from 12,000 to 25,000 over the next ten years, and also broaden access to affordable education programs for lower income students.



IDB is supporting expansion plans of Salud Digna Para Todos, a Mexican non-profit providing lower income people access to high-quality, low-cost diagnostic health services. IDB's support will allow Salud Digna to expand from 16 to 54 clinics over the next five years, primarily in the northwestern and central states of Mexico.





Priority Areas

  • Healthcare: Private sector providers of health services, including health centers, hospitals, clinics, homes for the elderly; insurance companies, leasing companies and equipment investment funds and other financial services companies; companies that produce equipment, medical supply companies and laboratories.
  • Education: Private elementary and secondary schools, university and post graduate centers; educational funding programs sponsored by government or private entities.


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